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Parents and coaches of "soon to be" gifted athletes:

How do you train muscle memory of the hands, arms, shoulders, upper and lower legs in the fastest and most effective way possible?

Cuff Sports (creator of the Cuff n Catch) is line of patented multi-sport training devices designed to enhance the fundamental skills needed in football, soccer, baseball, softball, basketball and volleyball.

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These teams have purchased and use Cuff Sports products for training purposes but in no manner have any of these teams and/or affiliates either:
(a) have the endorsement of, (b) is otherwise sponsored or licensed by, or (c) is affiliated with, the NFL, the college, or any of its Member Clubs.


Learning the Fundamentals is Key!

What's more fundamental in most sports than hand position? 

  • In receiving a pass in footballbasketballbaseball or even a soccer goalie, it's critical to bring your hands up simultaneously to keep control of the ball. 
  • In footballwrestlingboxing and rugby, the offensive and defensive players need to master "jamming".  Engaging your core with proper tight hand and arm alignment creates power. 
  • Quarterbacks should have a tighter throwing motion thus a quicker pass release. 
  • Even though you wear a glove in baseball, two hands should always be close and work in unison for a faster transition of the ball into the throwing hand. 
  • In golfbaseball or even a cricket swing, keeping control of your arms as they move in a tight unified path instantly improves your effectiveness. 
  • In volleyball or any sport, keeping your hands tight and moving toward the flight of the ball amazingly moves the athlete’s feet into the correct placement and a balanced position.


Position, Placement, Power are fundamentals taught with Cuff Sports products!





mrclogo.gifmade_in_usa_logo.jpgCuff Sports products proudly manufactured in the USA by MRC:

MRC Industries, Inc. serves individuals living with developmental or learning disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, emotional impairments and mental illness. MRC's service philosophy is that every person is unique, valuable, and entitled to be treated with respect and dignity. Person-centered programs and services focus on individual needs, desires, strengths, and abilities-supporting people to become independent at home, at work, and in the community.